Did she really had to?

So my girlfriend is on spring break as am I. She is away on a club team trip. We where texting for a bit last night and she didn't respond for a while and I was fine with that. Her texting has been sporadic threw out the whole day this week. I understand she is busy doing things and what not. But something she said last night I thought was a bit strange. Her message was I meant to follow that up with "nerds of a feather" but I had to play a game of pong. Like really you HAD to play a game of pong? It only takes maybe 20 seconds to type that and send it. I didn't say anything, I have been really nice to her and trying not to make her feel guilty for leaving me at home when she could have been spending break with me. Yes, I understand team commitment and what not but still. After saying how much she really misses me and keeps asking why in not with her. What do you think?


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  • Overly sensitive much? She's away with her teammates/friends, yet she's still taking the time to text back and forth with you, sporadic or not. Chill out...


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