Is it really worth staying single for the majority of my life?

I ask because since I come from a poor family background, I'm a college student who's really trying to do the best with my GPA and degree program so I can get a financially stable life (something that my parents never had) I don't want to run into any woman for dates because I just know that she'll be just a huge burden to me and I've already got enough problems with my own income and with my family so I don't need a woman to add to that problem.

Even in today's age with the supposed "gender equality", I still run into a lot of women who still feel that they're entitled to be showered with money and gifts by men in the first dates even in the WOMEN are the ones who make more money and/or asked the man out. I don't want anymore money leeches in my life, hence why I will remain single for the majority of my life. I shouldn't have to be forced into always being the breadwinner or paying for everything simply because I'm a man.



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  • Don't date women like that, it's quite simple, really.

    Generally, expect to pay for the first date if you're the one who asked HER out, but after that a lot of women are into doing the every other date thing, and most of us really don't expect to be showered with gifts all the time. We just wanna be treated nicely.


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  • no you shouldn't have to be, but my solution to you would be to wait until you finish your degree (s?) before looking for a woman. I mean what you do with your life is yours to do with.

  • Nice thinking... It would be better to have full concentration on studies.. Without stable career no women stays in man's life.. And many times even it hard to propose the girl to which one love if one don't have financial stability..
    College life need couple of years study hard and with full concentration and you may probably find some girls worth to live with them...

  • Ok, Well here's what I think about it. Ultimately, it is really entirely up to you and whatever you think is the best case scenario for your life. Since it's your life, ultimately you have to decide and choose what is the best for you and makes the most sense for you.

    From my own personal views and perspective, I hugely agree that financial is definitely a huge important deciding factor. I personally think it really fucking sucks that money makes the world goes round and here we are in this miserable materialistic world, but we are here in this reality so we either deal with this shit the best we could with whatever way we can or give up and check out early. I'd pick the former though, and I know you would do since you are trying to do your best.

    But anyways, it is more so importantly that it comes down to this:

    Do you really want children and family of your own in your future?

    If you are absolutely certain that you do, then you should wholeheartedly pursue and continuing trying regardless of what the consequences are, divorce, breakups, rejections, even financial risks and losses, etc.

    But if having your own family and children is something you absolutely are certain that you do Not ever desire to have. Or that you had decided to give up on it for whatever reason, such as because of financial factors and burden (if the costs are too much to support a family) then I think it just makes sense entirely for being single.

    And here's the bottom line. Even if you remain single you can still date, or have a fling here and there, and have some short-term relationships, and that is assuming if you ever get to that point or that far. I myself never did. But expect those kind of relationships to be short though and don't get overly attached ever whatsoever. Just treat them like short term fun memories so you that way you can have some stories to tell and share with friends and/or family.