He confuses me?

So, I dated this guy for 4 months and things were good! He said he liked spending time with me and that he hadn't "liked someone like me in a long time". Then about 2 weeks ago he started acting different and we stopped hanging out less. I asked him why? And he said I don't know because I don't want a relationship right now, can we just be friends? I'm confused though how do you date someone and then just be switch to lets be friends? I stopped contacting him and now he snap chats me or messages me saying "hey" or "I hope you have a good day". The other day he even said "happy st. patricks day".. which was really random to me. So I don't really know what he wants from me?


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  • Multiple reasons, could be that he just isn't ready for a commited relationship. I do agree with you that it is odd and that you don't really respond considering that everything was well and for him just to throw that away. When someone tells me something like they haven't felt this way towards anyone else, I really take that into consideration. Especially if they up and leave, almost feeling betrayed


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  • tell him what you want and ask what he wants.

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