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Me and my boyfriend are a part of the same friend group So all his friends are all my close friends but I do hug all my besties who are his bestfriends asswell and am very talkative with these boys I'm scared acting like this might drive him away? My closest friend of 3 years sleeps round my house sometimes would you have suspicions at that? He's not shown to be jealous and says he knows I'd never cheat but if you were him how would you feel?


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  • I'd have to see it, but generally the "friendly" affection expressed to your guy friends usually has an innocent look to it, like hugs are quick, and bodies aren't that pressed against each other.

    • Yeah but my one friend picks me up. And I have a flirtatious sense of humour always have and I feel like if I stop that then I'm just boring and I enjoy being jokey. Like my one friend when I asked him what subjects he's picking he said "photography drama and sex ed I'm gonna be a pornstar" and I said oh you have to give me a copy and he said come to the set😉 I tend to joke like this a lot and I feel eventually my boyfriend will get pissed

  • You shouldn't let another guy sleep at your house. That will make him jealous. If he says he's not then it's probably killing him. As for talking to other guys a lot that shouldn't matter as long as you include him. If you ignore him or talk to another guy more or show more attention to another guy he'll get jealous. I'm not saying stop talking to your friends, just make sure he's getting enough attention from you.


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