Guys, have you ever had a short term fling where the girl ended it, and then tried to get back in touch with you?

lets say you got really close fast over the phone lets say talking for a month, and then you met and it ended up being a one night stand. and after that she got cold feet and broke it off with you without telling you the truth as to why. Maybe it was another guy she liked better or maybe she wasn't ready or maybe she lost interest. but she came up with some excuse and then broke off contact with you.

Has a girl like this ever tried to reach back to you long after you stopped talking? if so how long? I've heard sometimes it can take years before people try to get in touch again but i want to get an idea how common it is.

Also girls if you have done something like this to a guy please share if you want to.

please more opinions
more opinions and experiences please
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  • A similar situation happened to me a few months ago, although i was in your position, it was the guy who broke it off. We met through one of those dating apps and texted for a week or two. I didn't have much interest in meeting him so we stopped talking for a few days, maybe a week or so. Then he finally talked me into meeting him and it was a great date. Long story short, he later stopped talking to me bc he didn't want a committed relationship, then a week or so later he hit me up. He admitted he missed me and we pretty much dated for a few weeks but I felt the feelings grow and he must have too so we agreed to move on since he still didn't wanna commit.

    If I were the girl, I would assume it's bc something brought you to her mind, maybe had a dream about you, or you just kept coming back to mind. She could've broken it off for any reason but the bottom line is she must be thinking about you! If you're into this girl you should definitely see her again and just go with it. I would advise you to not allow your feelings (if you have feelings for her) to not get carried away though bc if she suddenly cut it off once she might do it again, but at the same time maybe not. Depending on the time you've been apart, she may have been doing real thinking about you. Like I said, take it at baby steps (especially emotionally). Try to figure her out should be your first mission and the best way to do so is see her in person. There's nothing worse than trying to have an important conversation over text. This is just my personal opinion though, not hers. I hope it works out though! :)

    • Thank you for your response, sadly however she never did reach out to me, not yet anyway and it was about 5 months since we met and had sex. We also matched on a dating site (tinder) but over about a month we where talking and got really close, very personal and intimate things we told each other, and we had phone sex several times, she told me she had fantasies about me. And i told her i was looking for something serious but i didn't have any expectations. She didn't know how she wanted it, some times she said things heavily implying she would want something more with me, but also said things that implied it being casual and shortlived (she mentioned that if we dont connect as well on the date as we do on the phone we could be friends with benefits)
      However we had sex and she got really wet and orgasmed, after that she looked very backdrawn and confused in her body language and face. avoided eye contact etc.

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    • yeah.. even though i can't trust anything she said, i very much doubt she is a manipulative liar, seems more like she said the things she felt in the moment to me.. she sound slightly insecure at points, she was worried i wouldn't find her as attractive when we met as her pictures and stuff..
      It truly sounded from all the things she said to me, like she didn't have any other guys around at the moment. It could be argued that i am better looking than her, although she as a lady has more options than me for sure. She said things like she wasn't even talking to any other guys on tinder after we started talking, and i could tell she never went onto that app after we started talking on the phone.

      She is so strange her behaviour. It seems like she at first just wanted to get something casual and short, but we connected so well, maybe she started to like me so much that she said many things she shouldn't, especially if she some thing with that other guy going on already

    • Well I have done that before, take interest in someone, really hit it off and end up saying encouraging things that I later wish I hadn't said bc I was caught in the moment. It's definitely a tricky thing to avoid those thoughts sometimes though.

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