Making myself miserable or valid concern?

About 3 weeks ago, I met a friend of a friend who just moved to town and we immediately hit it off. He asked me out the very next day and we had a great time. Truth be told, I didn't even realize it was a date until after the fact since he had just moved to town and I figured he was looking for friendship.

Fast forward to today, we've had at least two dates a week since we met. He has taken me out, cooked me dinner, and even packed me lunches for the next day

Before you ask, we have had sex but I did wait until the 4th date/second week. It felt a little fast for me but I threw caution to the wind on this one and he didn't disappear so I'm calling that a win.

We both agreed to take things slow but really haven't (hanging out multiple times a week, texting daily, etc.). He has told me multiple times that he really likes me and isn't looking elsewhere.

Here is the weird part though... He left for a business trip a few days ago and I haven't heard anything from him.

I'm assuming he just needs space but since I am used to hearing from him everyday I guess my real answer is... should I be worried at all?


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  • What's his job? Did he really went black? Like no posts in social medias and stuff? I don't like to be bothered when i'm on a business trip because the payoff is really good and i need to concentrate. Half of the dudes i hangout with are like me, maybe your friend of a friend is too.

    But then again, a woman's intuition is sharper then a man's. So… maybe you should be worried?

    • As far as social media goes, I don't know. It's not that important to me so I didn't try to friend him on anything. We were in constant communication anyway.

      As far as intuition goes, trust is a big issue for me and I have been very wrong in the past so that's why I posted, I guess

  • He's got a wife/girlfriend and you are his mistress.

    • Yeah, don't think so. I'm friends with his sister. He's single.

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    • Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback.

      I haven't tried to reach out to him yet because I know that he is busy and want him to have space.

    • you're welcome

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