Asking someone if they want to date you different than asking them if they want to go out in a date?

I'm asking Bc I asked a friend out but he doesn't get that im asking him out, or pretending to not get It bc he's not ready to answer... so I guess I'll have to ask him if he's intersted in dating me. that way he can't really avoid answering.

Should I ask if he wants to go in a date or if he is interested in dating and what's the differnence?


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  • yea it's different. asking to date is a relationship, going on a date is just doing something together

    • Hmm which should I ask?

    • do you want a relationship or do something together

    • Well we already spend time together and I have liked him for a lomg time but I don't know if I actually want a relationship. I guess I won't know unless we go out for a while but I do want to know if he's interested in dating. Which I won't know unless I ask. So I guess I should ask if he is interested in dating.

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