How to get a guy to chase me?

I have a really big crush on a friend of a friend. I've heard that he's into the chase (a little bit annoying at my age but whatever). He told my friend that he thinks I'm hot and fun so I know I have captured a little bit of his interest already.

We've texted a little bit and hung out in a group but I'm really interested in spending some alone time with him.

What should I do to make him chase me? I have initiated a few of the texting convos, so should I just back off for a few days and see what happens?


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  • If its true he likes the chase, he ought to initiate contact himself.

    I'd hold off a bit until he's ready to reach out, but if/when he contacts you I'd make sure he feels like you're glad to be hearing from him.

    • Ok cool. Yeah on a few separate occasions he initiated contact and said he was excited to see me (when our group was making plans). But then we talked about getting together just the two of us and he never really followed up so the plans fell through, which is pretty discouraging. I haven't said anything because I don't want to come across as clingy, especially since I think I've made it too easy thus far. Hopefully back off a little will spark some fire. The chase is so dumb.

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    • It could mean that he's more nervous about asking you out than he's letting on, but the unfortunate part for you is that even if thats the case, reaching out on your end still won't solve it.

      The most I'd do is arrange for more group activities you can see him at and insuring you respond to him with positive cues during those sorts of things. I'm afraid you'll probably need to leave planning 1-on-1 outings to him though, or you're right that he might get turned off. =\

    • Thanks for MH. I'm glad to see I could be helpful. =)

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  • Wait for Halloween , some how convince him to dress as a coyote, than dress as road runner and go meep meep in front of him.

    • that's actually really helpful, thank you.

  • steal his mobile basicaly

    ga ha ha ha XD

  • shake your booty in his face and then run away as fast as you can

  • The easiest thing to do would be to take something of his (in a playful manner) and run.

    • you guys are killing me lol

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  • u can't make him chase u unless he is really interested in u and have to be the one who initiate the move. unless u have the courage to chase him.

    • True, but here's where it gets tricky. The whole time this mutual group of friends was hanging out, he kept putting his hand on my back in a really cute/sweet way. At one point he grabbed my phone and added himself on my snapchat. Then when we were relocating, he volunteered to drive over with me so it was just the two of us in my car. I thought these were all great signs.

      But when we are texting the convo dies out. He sends me snaps, I send one back and then he sends nothing. And we said "we'll make plans for (insert date)" but then he never says anything else about it... I don't get it? So confused.

    • if a guy show all the positive signals but still didn't ask me out. I would feel that he is not that much into me. He can't be that nervous since both of you had already exchanged several messages. He could just text you out if he want to.