Why the hell won't he respond to my text when I ask him to hang out?

we were good friends before for 7 months and now we are somewhat going out because he has admitted to liking me. we have gone out 3 times and I'm coming home this weekend so I asked him if he wanted to chill...it's been 3 day's and he hasn't responded! wtf.


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  • Does he understand that to chill means to hang out with you? What's seems obvious is not always.

    Your reading a little much into this. Just call him up and ask (calmly) if he got your text. If he's like "Yep" and the whole conversation goes on without him saying anything about it then you have the right to wonder "why the hell he doesn't respond".

    When you like someone, its so easy to get over anxious about how they are seeing you, if you do your guarenteed to drive them away. If your calm and collected, they might still not like you, but at least you will know its not because your behaviour pushed them away.

    Best thing to do is, just call him, ask him.. be calm, remind him. If he does this too you often, explain to him how it seems to you and ask what he thinks... see if he changes or explains himself with a good reason.


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