I think I messed up with a girl and need advice on what I should do?

so i asked this girl if we were dating yet and she ignored it so i asked if she was going to this party any way she replied yes to the party. i was there didn't see her the whole night she left early and my friend and i had pre drinks and then bought heaps at the bar had a good time, then i started talking to a random girl its all a big blur i was pretty hammered, and i got a kiss on the cheek and i thinks thats all that happened but maybe because i really drunk me does stuff i wouldn't do even when i'm tipsy, and i may have made out with her all i remember is being my head being really close after the kiss on the cheek, any way this girl i asked if we were dating the one i like and would never want to hurt, i think her friends saw and told her, either that or there is a different reason but now she won't talk to me what do i do?

Nevermind I thought it was something I had done turns out it was what she was doing, or rather the dude she was screwing hahaha


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  • You should talk to her in person and tell her what happened

    • i have tried messaging her to meet up but she hasn't replied, should i call her and what if i did do it, i really like this girl and i hate my self for even the kiss on the cheek :(

    • I think you should wait until she replies, and if she does not... well, then she is kind of rude.. :/

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