Who of this guys would you rather date?

Yes girls which one of this guys would you go for?

  • 6 ft 1, short dark brown hair and weight about 170 lbs. bodyfat: 10%
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  • 6 ft, medium length blonde hair and weight about 175 lbs. bodyfat: 10%
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  • 6 ft 4, medium length brown hair and weight about 185 lbs. bodyfat: 15%
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  • 5 ft 9, medium length brown hair and weight about 180 lbs. bodyfat: 20%
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170 lbs - 78 kg
175 lbs- 80kg
180 lbs- 83 kg
185lbs - 85 kg


Most Helpful Girl

  • damn lbs, that means I got to convert. I like option one cause I like short brown hair but I'm short so the guy would be too tall for me. Weight I could care about. I like option D height and option ones hair. But honestly if I'm dating it wouldn't matter because I wouldn't look at how they look, I'd date based on personality so they could look like any to be honest


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What Girls Said 4

  • All of these men are faceless.

    I don't care if the guy is a bloody tower. If he has a hideous face and a shite personality, he can go sling his hook.

    I don't give a fuck about height, I dated a guy who was nearly a head shorter than me. My current boyfriend is just a few inches taller than me. If I wear heels, I'm always taller and I don't wear stupidly high heels either.

  • None since I don't know what their faces look like.

  • Yeah.. who cares? It's mostly the face that we care about.

  • Can I put the hair from A on C. I like bigger guys (more to cuddle) and bonus points if their bigger and taller. However, I enjoy a guy with either short hair or bald. More bonus points if they're in a suit.


What Guys Said 1

  • nobody's under 5'9"?

    why's that dude?