Second Date Advice?

I went on a date last week with a nice lady and it went quite well, The chemestry was amazing and it felt as if i have known her for ages. we simply had a great time. Before leaving each other, she recommended we see each other again and i said OK.

Few days after the date, i called her and aske her if i can see her again and she said she will get back to me. it has been a week and i have not heard from her. should i call/ sms her? we were supposed to meet this weekend.

Please note that she constantly tests me through delayed sms responses, frequently acting busy and tried to make me jealous during our first date.

Dating advice urgently needed


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  • Maybe she is just busy... just wait for response. Don't contact too often. She could also b on the fence about you

    • Thanks. what do u mean by on the fence? by the way, this is the second time she goes silent for over a week.

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    • Nope i have not flirted with her. i just showed her that i am interested and intent to be patient and take it slowly.

    • Next time flirt. She may not back but she expects it. That way she difinitely knows you're attracted to her.

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  • Sounds like she is playing games. Not a good sign. If she wanted to see you, she would make an effort to plan a date. I'm sorry, she is wasting your time. Delete and retreat!


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  • Oh man i hate that... don't call her first.. if she wants you she'll call first.. if it takes her ages call her.. but don't be easy if you know what i mean

  • Tried to make you jealous? She's on of those...