How can I become more exciting? How can I become more fun to be around? How can I improve my social skills? I'm looking for more in depth answers?

I'm looking for more in depth answers...genetically speaking, I am more of a boring personality and I hate this...I want to be the funny out going guy...every time I try this I embarrass myself and look stupid...21 year old virgin with no confidence here....I need help?

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I would say the people I used to be around caused me to feel bad about myself... I no longer hang out with this crowd, and I've noticed a huge difference... I just am not funny, and people are never dying to be around me... I want to get girls but I don't know how... I need With social and talking to girls skills


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  • You don't need medical help. :) As far genetically answers I don't know what u mean. I don't think genetics has anything to do with u having a hard time being social. Lots of people have a hard time being social. Tell me this, what do u think makes u think ur boring or look stupid? After u answer this, then maybe I can help u. :)

    • I would say lack of confidence. I just don't lie myself and haven't had any success. No prom or homecoming dates... never had a girl... constantly rejected... I agree with you on hobby part. Hobbies definitely relieve stress and make me forget about girls

    • Maybe the lack of confidence in urself, is the issue to why ur having a hard time being social. Confidence in yourself does play a part in being social. People see you, as you see yourself, so if u have more confidence in yourself, then people will see that. :) It takes time sometimes for us to be confident & comfortable with ourselves. Just like @sara413 said, find ur passion & hobbies. That's a great way to be social, plus ur around people with similar interests & can create potential friendships. Who knows u may meet a girl in that hobbie & girls like confidence. ;) Im sure ur a great guy & ur proably just not giving urself any credit. Hope it works out for u :)

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  • Find things that spark your passion... for some people it's sports, for others it's an art. For some it's travel...


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