How to win back your ex?

we broke up he hates me I hate him there's still a biiiig silence laying between us don't know what to do still have something for him after a yeaar so how to get him back ?


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  • Probably not worth the effort, but here are a few suggestions.

    1. Time. Need to give it time. Don't rush it. It looks like a lot of time has gone by like a year.
    2. Reach out. You have to talk to them and just see if they are even willing to talk to you in the first place.
    3. Forgive and forget. You really have to be careful with the past, but you will have to forgive him for what he has done and likely hope he does the same.
    4. Know you can't control him. He could have moved on to someone else or lost all interest all together. He might never forgive you for what you have done. You can't change a person. You guys broke up for a reason after all.

  • jus talk to him, tell the same words you say above except that "he hates me" tell this in a sweet sad mode, nd if you had done some mistake in past, appologize for it :)


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