Would you or would you not date a girl like this?

So would you or would you not date a girl like this? So i have a scar on my thigh that i got from being shot 3 years ago. I was dating a drug dealer (dumb i know) he brought me to a drug exchange, and the guy didn't have all the money. So the guy threatened my boyfriend (at the time) that he will shoot me if he doesn't get his drugs. My boyfriend said no to giving him the drugs so the guy pulled out a pistol and shot me in my right thigh. So i was curious to see if it would matter or not that you would date a girl like this. One guy i was interested in said he would not date me because of it.

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by the way i do not hang out with druggies or whatever i was a young naive girl who got mixed up into the wrong crowd (and i never did drugs, just saying)
also if i had known he was a drug dealer earlier on it wouldn't have happened. i tired to break up with him but he was having it and wouldn't let me.


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  • You said you didn't know he was a drug dealer but you agreed to go with him to a drug exchange?

    I'm sorry, but you don't look like a girl to make good decisions. I wouldn't care about the scar, that's not the problem, the problem is you, and who you hang out with.

    • he didn't tell me it was a drug exchange he just said "lets go for a walk" and i agreed

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  • Scars are gross but they aren't that bad after so many years so who cares?

    I'd be more concerned that her ex is a drug dealer.

  • The scar wouldn't bother me. The people you hang out would. I hope you moved past that kind of lifestyle otherwise I want nothing to do with someone like that.

    • i just got mixed up into all that, i'm totally over it now

  • I would date you sure why not.

  • I don't care about scars, I just want to know how you got them, but you getting g shot? Honestly, I want you

  • Scars is not the reason but you was involving in drugs with this shit person no thanks I won't date you

    • again i don't do drugs, i didn't know he was a drug dealer or that he actually did drugs until months into the relationship. i tried to break it off but he didn't have it

    • If he fooled you and you didn't know about his shit I would date you but for me you will be last choise sorry but this only me.

  • As long as you were clean ( no drug use or association with those who do them ) then yes I could date someone like that. Scars don't bother me , I have my own so someone else's is no big thing as long as they aren't super self conscious and all the time trying to hide them


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