Why does he make jokes about how he's "going to hell" for being with me?

The man I'm dating thinks I'm "the sweetest, purest, and most innocent thing" in his life, but I feel like he's putting me on too much of a pedestal. Sure, you could say I'm a nice girl, and yeah I haven't had sex and he's older and more experienced so there's that dynamic, but is it really that big of a deal?

He's made the comparison of seeing himself as some kind of wolf in sheep's clothing, and me the unsupecting lamb. He's a sweet guy to me though, and treats me really well, so I don't reallly know what to make of all this. Is he warning me off? Does he think he's not a great guy/insecure about who he is? Or doesn't see himself clearly? I never know what to say when he says things like that.


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  • he's obviously playing the "I'm not good enough for you, and you deserve better than me" card.

    • What do I do with that though? Do I reassure him, or?

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    • Ok, I'll try. I don't want him to be down on himself, and I also don't like being thought of as a lamb, lol. That's not me.


    • Yes, definitely reassure him. He probably has never had anyone of your quality before. Most guys feel like they deserve much less than they really do.

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  • If I were he, I would treasure you as more valuable than all the world's gold! There are so very few girls available like you for guys like me. You are an extreme rarity. He is probably just taken back that someone with such high qualities is with him. I know I would! Just know that he probably loves and appreciates you more than he even knows how to express. I am SO pleased to hear that you have remained pure and on the right path. Marry him and be happy together forever after!

    • "Pure" because I haven't had sex? This is the exact view I'm afraid of, unfortunately.

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    • Thanks for the answer.

    • No problem. Good luck to you!

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