Poll included - should I forgive him?

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Okay so I didn't hear from him for good two days after I sent the text.
He texted me a few hours ago just saying "hey you okay?" just small talk for the first few texts and then I apologised for getting mad at him and his response was "it's not your fault truth is I have been a shit boyfriend I don't really c u much and I don't rally call u I just read your messages and respond like 3 days later. I may have problems but it's not okay for me to forget what ur going through ur my girlfriend I should know what ur going through and be there more for you so it's not ur fault for what u said or being mad it was my fault for not giving u support when u needed it the most"

He did say at the beginning of the conversation he was tired so I guess he's fallen asleep as he hasn't responded to my response. Being that I'm not taking back what I said because I meant it.

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  • Talk is cheap young Lady. If he really cares he will have no problem in proving it. From your post he has done a pizz poor job thus far. My choice is B

    • I'll give him a little more time to prove he is willing to do more. See if he comes and visits me.

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    • Thank you dear, I want to be fair, but strict too. I refuse to be messed about and in truth for the last 3 years I've let him walk all over me but with what I'm going through, I want my life to be in order.

    • I totally understand and agree. There is no use in being treated that way hon. And you are most welcome.

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  • I don't see how a guy could write that and be insincere. I mean look at this

    "He posted a status half an hour ago saying how his life feels like it's falling apart and honestly I hope the reason he feels this way is because of the text I sent!"

    You're going WAY too hard on him.

    • I think I'm being just the right amount of harsh with him thanks.

    • His life was falling apart because he found out you had cancer and among a plethora of other reasons and had no idea how to pick up the pieces. And now he comes back saying how much of a shitty lover he's been to you all this time and you want to make him feel miserable? Wtf is wrong with you?

    • I have cancer and oh he made an apology through text so I must forgive him! My parents didn't raise no fool. I've told him I'll only take his apology if he comes to visit me.
      Please stay out, I don't want your opinion.

  • I would respond to this seriously, but the lack of grammar makes my eyes hurt.


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  • Forgive him but make sure to tell him he's on thin ice and if he really loves you he'll change. Don't let him disrespect and treat you like that because you could do better. Good luck.

    • I'm not going to forgive him until he proves through his actions that his apology was genuine. I've given him one simple request that I said I will only take his apology. he comes and sees me at home. I don't want waste anymore time on a relationship if he can't even do one thing that would mean a lot to me,

    • Even better. What better way to set the line straight? I hope things turn out alright.

  • I checked out your other question, and to me it seems like he's pushing you away because he doesn't want to know what it feels like to have his own girlfriend die from something he has no control over. Try looking at it from his point of view. How would you feel if the roles were switched?

    What he did was still wrong because it hurt you and he should have considered your feelings as well. Unless there's a different reason as to why he did that to you. But from the other question, it seems like the cancer news made him feel like he was going to to lose you regardless of what would have happened. By that I mean if you two were to break up, you might end up dying from cancer and being with you he still would have lost you to cancer. I hope you beat cancer, and I hope you two stay together for as long as possible.

    • I"'me not going to die! -.- it's only stage 2

    • And you clearly didn't read the other question to know how I would deal with it when the roles are switched,

    • Well I'm not that well informed with cancer since I've never met with anyone who had cancer. & I'm sorry, I reread it again. I guess I was reading too quickly.