Girls advice needed. I Saw her after 4 years what to do now?

Back in 2011 I was seeing this girl in the every Friday in the garden near my home for 8 months she was attracted to me but I was too shy I didn't know what to do or how to start conversation with her. Until one day she lost hope of me she came out to me directly and stopped in front of me but damn she didn't say single word but also its my fault I didn't say anything so when she saw I didn't do anything she stopped her moves and ignored me I was ok with that.

So today I saw her accedently walking she saw me but from far now I'm attracted to her and I want to talk to her but wondering if she will ignore me as I did before.

And ist good idea to bring the past in the conversation ? Like hey its been long time I didn't saw you. Ist good idea or she will think about the past how I act back then?

Girls solve this what should I do exactly I want perfect way to reach her I know she may reject me but I still want to do my best.


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  • It's never a good idea to bring the past into a conversation. You should acknowledge that you two have met before when you talk to her, ofcourse; but just don't let what happened in the past define you.

    The past is in the past for a reason. If she ignores you, it's probably because she hasn't gotten over it. However, this is unlikely.


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  • Yeah I would say something about how it was good to see her after all this time, she looks great, let's do lunch soon, how have you been? Something along those lines

    • But we never had any conversation ist good idea to start it now?

    • Definitely

    • Hmm hopefully it works thanks anyway

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  • Well there's no harm in trying. Just talk to her, and see if she still like you. :)
    Good luck man.