Ex bf texted me again after a month. Why?

My ex bf hit me up with a text yesterday around 9 pm which said "hey, how are you?" I didn't see his text until 1 in the morning, which was when I replied (I was studying)

He read my message but didn't answer until 5.30 in the afternoon, saying "I'm ok. I just thought of you and wanted to hear if you were ok" to which I then replied "I am okay too :)" I didn't know what else to reply to his text, so he read my message but didn't write anything else.

The last time we spoke together was a month ago, where I asked him to hang out, which he declined. I told him that it was fine and stopped texting him anymore.

Why would he text me again after a month of no contact by saying he just wanted to hear how I was doing? Did he want to ask me out again or something??


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  • He does it to see if he can get a response. There is nothing else to it. My ex does the same thing. You are better of ignoring pointless texts and getting on with your life.

    • True.. I kind of figured that he was just playing around with my feelings after the last time, where I asked him to hang out and he said he didn't want to hurt me anymore. I know he just texts me to get a kick out of it and thinks I will still chase him.

    • Yeah, it's pathetic. Ignore him.