I asked a girl out and she said she's busy?

She said ' I'd love to but im working till late this weekend. Another time though!:)'
Any advices?

I woke up this morning and she texted me saying that she managed to finish work 2 hours earlier and asked me if I want to pick her up from work. I guess she was telling the truth
Thanks everyone for replying


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  • Believe her... for now.

    Hopefully you're not just pursuing one girl at a time! This is why u keep a rotation of girls that you're dating (when you're single).

    • When should I ask her again

    • Wait at least 2 weeks. Focus on other girls in the meantime. If she REALLY wants to hang out with you again, she will show some effort.

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  • Did she suggest an alternative day that she is free? If not she isn't interested sorry.
    If she is genuinely busy she will suggest another day instead. If she doesn't then she is trying to turn you down indirectly


What Guys Said 2

  • Simply never ask her again... if she really wants to hang out with you she'll make the offer...

  • She might be actually be busy, but ask her again in a week or so. If she makes another excuse and doesn't suggest rescheduling then she's not interested