Don't know what to do...please help

I’m 25 years old and I’m still single. I know there is nothing wrong with being single. I’m not saying there is. I’ve just kind of hit a point in my life that I’m ready to find someone to get serious with. I’ve had 2 relationships in the last 4 years. One lasted a year and one lasted about 4 months. I still have feelings for one of them but I don’t think I stand a chance of getting him back as he won’t even answer the phone, even though we were together for a year. People tell me to keep trying with him because I’ve just recently (this week) started to try and get in touch with him and also because the break up was my fault. We were pretty serious but I started to push him away and eventually I did. This week I’ve come to realize that I still like him but when I call he won’t answer and he won’t text me back. Yes the break up was my fault but I have the attitude that if he wanted to talk or whatever he would answer or call me back. I still like him but not sure what to do. So I’m wondering what I should do about that.

Then I’ve been told to try online dating. I’m a little hesitant about that. I’ve heard some really good stories about online dating. I have an older cousin who met her husband online. But I’m looking for someone that I could date and eventually get serious with. I don’t want just sex. I want more.

Any advice?


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  • Your 25 and still young!

    It sounds like you want your ex back as your scarred to be single (sorry). Get some friends go to a bar/club whatever and meet people, when a guy starts chatting you up it will build your confidence which you need at the moment and after a month or 2 of meeting people new then decide if your ex is the one and try getting back together.


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