How can I ask this girl out?

Ok so I have a crush on this girl but she dosent even know me. we have only interacted once and was kind of weird what she did but thats probably why i like her. how can i tell her? What are the best ways I can leave hints? also im African-American and she is Caucasian so what are my chances?


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  • Talk to her, it'll come naturally the more you get to know her. Compliment her, smile a lot around her and make an effort... she'll intuitively feel it.


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  • if she doesn't mind about your race then you;ve got some chances bascaly!

  • U should get to know her better first. See what she likes and what makes her laugh. Asking a girl out point blank never really works. U gotta get the feel to see if she likes you back first.

    • Yeah. I wish it would just be Three words and she likes me. but I can get nervous around girls I like, so I chicken out and leave ASAP. I really need to man up. :-(