What are signs of a good date?

So what are some signs that a date went well?

We went to 3 places during one date.
He mentioned how we should go and watch a movie together (American sniper)
He held around me as we walked to the buss and we stood there holding around each other. I than again mentioned the moovie and he said yes but lets meet and drink something or eat something so it won't be awkward since i won't see you for a week.

I texted him when i was home and said i had a great night and thanked him ( because he paid the entire night) and said i want to meet again. He replied "Im glad to hear you had fun :) Me too"

Now im going away tomorrow for a trip and i wotn be home until Thursday night. I think im going to contact him during the weekend to ask to meet again.

Am i good? is this a good date? I've never been in a relationship and neither has he but I've been rejected before and its not fun

won't be awkward going to the movies after not meeting for a week, so we should do something before the movie begins*


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  • Good date, but wait for him to call you for another date. Just leave a massage now, 'call me when you get back to town'. That's it.

    • But I'm the one going out of town not him

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    • Trust *

    • you already made sure, which is enough.

      Signs of good date is fun, laughter etc. Talk about good things only and if you get nervous and run out of things to talk, ask him questions about his hobbies, passions and then ask follow up questions.

      I got the first opinion wrong, so ignore it.

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  • If it's a good date for both people, a second date will be arranged before the first date ends.

  • good sign of good date is phone calls, dinner, smile, happiness.

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