Guys: Would you date a girl who has attempted suicide?

I've attempted suicide three times now, all just on my wrist, and I didn't want to let anyone know, so I've been wearing a watch for a year now. I have no other self-harm marks, but I was wondering if guys would hate that about me?
Some guys that I overheard said that they hate it when people hurt themselves or try killing themselves because it's selfish and arrogant of them to forget about how much trouble it causes for other people. Does that make it a huge turn off? Or would you still be happy with dating someone like me?


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  • Most of us aren't stupid. We can figure out if you're a headcase after several lengthy conversations, and this past of yours will eventually come up if you hope to secure a long term relationship.

    That said, it depends. Why did she attempt suicide and fail three times? Is she seeking therapy? What is her current attitude on the subject? Is she currently well?

    If she was still suicidal, I'd plead for her to get help and I wouldn't date her. That's a one-sided relationship that would drain the life out of me. To think that I could say the wrong thing and she would use that as incentive to out herself, or perhaps we could raise a child and one day she forgets her medication and jumps off a bridge, that is needless suffering because I chose to give me love to someone who could never feel loved. I'll pass on that scenario every time, and I hope you understand and avoid only accepting bullshit answers saying "YEAH I'd love a suicidal girl! No problem!"

    • My parents took me to the hospital each time and I've been seeing a therapist so I'm not suicidal anymore, but because I'd been harassed and bullied, I'm not entirely comfortable with showing my scars in case it all starts again.

    • Maybe you'd be okay. It's hard to tell over text, but if what you say is true then I'd give it a shot.

    • Alrighty thanks :)

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  • I've only tried once that I'm counting and that's because all the other times were just cutting or so poorly done they had no chance of happening correctly. Next is that not everyone is going to understand but some will. You are looking to date everyone but just one and therefore this is fine. You'll find someone that cares about you for who you are and doesn't judge you for what you've done.

  • Not a problem instead I'll try to make her feel happy n make her feel proud about her life n tell her that how important she's to me and why did you do that? Any reason?

    • Thanks - I've been bullied, and when I tried telling my parents that I thought I was depressed, they laughed and said I was being hormonal.

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    • Sorry, I'd rather not say.

    • Okay ๐Ÿ‘Œ thanks there might be a reason for that๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Yea id go out with a chick that went through stuff like that because no chick should be alone just for doing that

  • yes if she didn't tell me prior to me dating her. or if i just fell hard for her, I'm actually a very compassionate person when it comes to things like that because of my work setting i see that more often than your normal person.


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