Do crushes always leave you... crushed? I mean do crushes always lead to unrequited love?

In my experience,it seems to be true. I had 'actual' crush on 3 guys so far. None of them worked out. When I was talking about this with my friend,she said that crushes never turn into real thing. Because they are one-sided most of the times. The feeling(of liking) has to be mutual. And that just happens. You can't make someone like you. Do you agree with her? What is your experience?

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  • It sure seems that way. Crushes are an appeal to fantasy. Even if you managed to overcome your fears and approach a crush, that glorious castle you built in your head will come crashing down once you realize how little you actually know about the person and how incompatible you really are with their personality and ideals.

    Sometimes crushes work out, but you could say that for almost anything. If you try, there's a chance you will succeed.

    I'm proud of the fact that I did approach a crush that I fantasized about for several months. All that build up made it incredibly difficult to have a normal conversation, which is how you get to know people in the first place. I came off as weird, nervous, and unconfident. She was way more important to me than she ACTUALLY was, which put so much pressure and stress in simply introducing myself and asking her out.

    Rather than feel inferior, I accepted that this is the byproduct of crushing on someone. It's a fantasy unconstrained by feedback and evidence, and your body really does believe it.


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  • Crushes seem to paralize people from actually believing they could have a relationship with their crush. I would vote A.

  • Not for me. As soon as I label the person I like as a crush, everything stops and there's never been a possibility of anything happening. :(

  • if one person has a crush on another... and that person has a crush back... gues what that is called? Liking each other.


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  • crushes rarely seem to work out.
    but that's not necessarily true, there are always going to be exceptions.