Girls, is height the end all be all priority number 1 ?

I feel like I'm pretty successful. I think Im attractive... I cage fight for fun and was in the army Rangers for some years. Other than early morn on a website... I'm humble and smooth and run a company so happen to be relatively wealthy.
Wanting to date someone now.... Can't find a girl for nothing. I'm 5'10. Going to clubs concerts you name it... Now even Internet dating... I do see gals I hit on w taller guys later sometimes. It's just priority number 1 these days? Never thought I was short but I guess we have generation growth hormone now.

Love fighting taller guys, they're weak and un coordinated and very vulnerable. They made awful soldiers... Missed a little food or a little sleep and they'd just wilt.... Average Ranger was 5'8 ...ha. Some illusion of protection though?? Really? How peasant!

Is this really what it seems? It's just 6 foot or F off these days??


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  • Nope. Personality, attitude, personal hygiene and a score of other things rank way higher on the is this dude date material than height. My dad is actually 5'9" so 5'10" sounds tall!

    Maybe instead of blaming your height you should dial back the fighting talk. When you like hitting other things enough to list it as a hobby girls get worried you might be violent with them in a bad way. And the putting other guys down to build up yourself is a little off putting too.


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  • That's a narrow perspective. Is that you do? Internet dating sites? :)

  • Height isn't the end all be all of anything. I'm 5'0 and I've dated guys who are anywhere from 5'5 to 6'3.

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