Was my ex being passive aggressive?

So I remember we were long distance. I would message her just telling her about something going on in my day was making a couple jokes.. her responses got faster and just shorter. Then she says I'll take you later.. she would say things like hey this is killing my battery so I'll talk to you later. She then later on to tell me I only message her for nudes and sex. Felt like she was being used. When we broke up she said I don't show her anything and she can't believe I love her. I know she meant it too. Her parents wouldn't let us be together and we had plans to move out. This happened long diatance. She backed out last minute. Her parents were going to cut her off completley. She just got out of high school so she's younger. Maybe she was trying to push me away because she knew moving out wasn't smart?

I've also told her things like hey I'm out with friends don't wanna be that one guy on his phone the whole time ttly.



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  • Forget her dude, don't waste your time.

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