How does having a boyfriend work?

So I just got my first boyfriend (yay!) we have yet to go on a date. Where should we go? And so what changes when you have a boyfriend? I don't wanna screw up anything. And what happens to the other guy I like?

It saying I dong allow anonymous posts what the hell I never said that


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  • oh geez you already like another guy! haha ut oh
    Dont flirt with that other guy anymore, talk be happy but dont go out of your way to talk to him

    Ok, first date hmm, thats his job, he should take charge and tell you whats up and what y'all are doing

    • But can I usher it like "hey R u free ____, we should do something"

    • yes you will have to... *sigh* 21st century problems
      thats good! say "we should do something" or "i want to see you"
      something like that

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  • You are in a mutual relationship where you take each other out and do nice things for each other and try your best to have fun with each other.

    Good luck with your bf, btw!

  • Ehhh? Other guy you like?
    Your bf is not the guy you like?


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  • Congratulations on your first boyfriend. Maybe go out to eat at a restaurant you both like, then afterwards go home and watch Netflix. I always enjoyed chilling at home and watching movies with my boyfriend more so than going out to the movie theater. And what changes? Just be more affectionate towards him and feed him (idk about yours but my boyfriend was always hungry).

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