Guys - If you're out of town for work, do you contact the girl you just started dating?

The guy I'm seeing left town this week for business. We have been seeing each other for about 3 weeks and although we've been trying to take it slow, we haven't been.

He is always the one to contact me and set up plans or just see how my day is going. But I haven't heard from him in 4 days and I'm starting to worry that he has lost interest. Than again, he could just be taking some space....


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  • The reason one Travels to do business, rather than phoning it in IS because each day is packed with hands-on, in-person show & tell business + the all important social gatherings get-to-know-the-person (a contract is only as good as the persons signing it) + ability to Q&A small details that can stall a contract from signing. THIS TAKES ALL DAY, even NIGHT, leaving the traveler (at least) worn out, not time for bathroom, little time for bed and nothing other than business in their brains to talk about when head hits pillow.

    In the old days (Mad Men) some of these socials would be rather ribald, hardly a place one would want associated with them by making a call from these.


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