My ex girl friend would nudge me off sometimes?

I remember she would complain that I acted like I never wanted her around.. say I don't care or show her that I love her. I guess I didn't. But she ended up breaking up with me. She was fighting for me with her family. We were going to move out together.. she was choosing me over her college friends and ever talking to her family again. I remember she would say I would just talk about myself and have sex too. Also said I just message her for nudes photos and when she would message me it would be her wanting to knwi

I remember her nudging me off a couple times when I would message her. My battery going to run out I'll talk to you later. Would be out of place sometimes when she would say I'll message you later. Like she just wanted to say that. I remember one time I was making some jokes about somwthing that happened to me. She just responded really quickly and eventually just said I'll message you later I'm watching a movie. I don't know if she was being passive aggressive with me Trying to say hey if you act like you don't care I can too. She also said she was with family sometimes and they would see things that popped on her phone.

This girl was nuts for me before. Nuts for me. And I know it broke her when she ended things she even called the next day hysterically crying asking if we can still work things out.

  • passive aggressive. trying to prove to be independent
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This was when we were long distance could see each other once a month because of her parents.


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  • You should be nicer. You sound like someone I know.

    • Lol. OK I'll be Nice. what do you think though?

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