Should I give up?

So, long story short I broke up with my ex in dec of 2013.. Along the way I had met this cute guy who I ended up having a one night stand. We hit it off for a little and kept doing what we do .. But then at times I was seen that he wasent Feelin me that way so I stopped talking to him and he did too. A year later at the same time in dec 2014. He hits me up asking me to "come thru". & I did lol seen as I had nothin better to do and I was lonely af. We got it in.. And then I haven't seen him after that.. & just recently I've been thinkin about him and I don't know why .. I added him on Facebook .. But he hasent excepted my friend request. And I even went as far as written him a message sayin that I lost my phone and everybody's # and just seen how he's been ... It's been 2 days he still has not replied -_- but it doesn't show that his read the message .. I don't know should I back off and just leave him alone ? I really feel like I want a bf now ... & he is totally my time .. But it just that I feel like I'm a bit too late seen as we already did it and he's my fuck buddy .. Lol what do u guys think and what I should do ?


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  • If you just want fuck buddy then you can't expect much from him and if you want him as bf then wait for some more time trying contacting if you receive no response, then move on.


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