I worry too much when guys show interest in me?

Whenever guys start to show interest in me and were like getting to know each other, eventually they want to hang out and I'm always afraid they'll find something they don't like about me...I'm not as pretty as they thought, I'm too boring, etc I always feel like I have to be perfect to keep someones interest and it prevents me from hanging out with them and pursuing things, I make excuses and eventually we just drift apart...it's like once a guy suggests we hang out I back off and force myself to think of reasons why "I'm just not into him" how do I stop this??? I'm 19 and never had a bf I don't know if that makes a difference


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  • Work on your self esteem and confidence. The second you start to place the emphasis on the guy and how he feels and how he thinks of you... that is the point you should realize you actually might have a bad self esteem and should work on it because that is not healthy. You should be 100% happy with yourself and love yourself enough to not care. Obviously everyone wants to make a good impression on a guy/girl they fancy and will get insecure maybe sometimes but the thing is once you start obsessing over it or allowing it to make you feel negative then it's a problem.

    You cannot just magically stop it. The only way will be the hard way and that is by building confidence and reaching a point where you realize you are OK without a guy and that he isn't the entire world or universe. That same carefree attitude can actually help you attract someone because confidence is very sexy.

  • Why is that?