Guys, where should we hang out?

I have a crush on this guy. He's very shy, quiet, and mellow. I wanna ask him to hang out, so we get to know each other, so How can I make the hang out casual instead of making it look like a date.
Another question, would bringing a few friends (guys and girls) make it less awkward or worse?
I don't want to go out with him yet. I wanna wait until we're older. Any ideas on where could hang out? I think the movies is going to be our best bet.


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  • Going to see a movie/sport or hanging out together with friends is a good idea, since bringing friends along take a lot of pressure and awkwardness out of it. Also having friends around tend to make your parents/guardian let you go out, since your friends act like a pseudo-chaperrone, I've been force and have forced people to go with/and to date with my ex/their exs/crushes. it's a good idea, Good Luck!

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