How do you move on?

I've been in love..madly insanely in love with the same person for years...the guy I wanted to marry. We never dated but he was my best friend and he asked me to marry him in the past and it wasn't good timing...I had a lot of issues myself that I needed to work on and just generally I couldn't at the time. There was some drama over it and despite everything I still love him with all of my heart.

I sent him an email recently and I told hkm everything..I told him I did want to marry, wanted to have kids with him and I W's stupid at the time he asked and I apologized I stated I didn't expect it to fix things...but I needed him to know. He told me he might see me while I was back home...couldn't Friday night he said and I texted him and told him due to other things (long to explain) I was confused and frustrated and he kept sending me mixed signals and I needed to k ow where we're stood...he never answered... then I messeged him this am and asked about today he said "no I'm busy I work please leave me alone" after all this time he had told me he did want to see me and all this stuff and ugh so complicated. So I sent him a messege and told him that he has changed and he lead me on and the guy I knew wouldn't do that to anybody and so on. Left it at that...he viewed my snap chats from last night and I sent him one later today..he seen it and deleted me... im so confused over this whole situation and how horribly he lead me on do I just pick up the pieces and move on


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  • You don't move on, you can't. But with time you'll learn to live without him there. You'll never forget, so try to remember the good.


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