What to do with this liar?

My bf's housemate's gf always tell her bf that today she has this guy asking for her number. Everyday :/ Then today she, again, tells him this guy asks for her number but she said she already has a bf so let's exchange Facebook only. I asked her to show his Facebook (I'm curious), then she showed me the Facebook of one of my friends (she doesn't know he's my friend). That guy already has a gf for 3 years they're about to get engaged and funny enough he's out of state yesterday having a vacation with his gf so she definitely made up that story about him asking for her number. The thing that bothered me is my bf always think a lot of guys ask for her number because she's beautiful but no guy asks for my number. When in reality I think she made up all that stories about people asking for her number. Common like everyday a guy asks for her number LMFAO. What should I do now? Should I tell my bf? If so, how?


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  • Tell your boyfriend what? I'm not sure what you want him to know; that the girl is lying about someone asking for her number? If she's a liar, she's a liar. It'll come out by itself. Or do you want to tell your boyfriend that your friend has had a girl friend for 3 years? Your question is confusing, honey.

    • Tell him she's lying, she doesn't have guys ask for her number everyday, so stop thinking she's more beautiful than me and I don't have guys ask for my number I'm not as beautiful as her etc.

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