How do I get with someone I like?

so at the end of last year, this guy told me he likes me, and well i like him too but i didn't tell him cuz it was kinda awkward. i wasn't even sure if he was serious or not. this year i still liike him and im guessing he still does too, but there's another guy i always see in the hallways and we always look at each other. i dont know him or have any classes with him and im guessing he's a upper class men. but like i like him and im not sure he likes me too but im guessing he kinda does. but like i still like the guy from last year so i like both of them but none of them have REALLY started to do anything to get to me or like u know have 'conversation' with me? I don't know its kinda complicated I don't know how to put but like I don't know what to do and i like them both. i like the one i see in the hallways a bit more even tho i dont really know him but i never talked to him and i dont wanna tell him i like him the first time we talk cuz that's weird?

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  • Give the 'Guy from the hallways' positive signs while trying to approach 'Guy from last year'. If he agrees then good otherwise you know the better move.


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