Is he with someone?

So i like this guy , he kinda knew it , he pretty much ignored me and has been sometimes a jerk , lately he's been nice ,don't know why ,it was out of the blue .
So that day i was talking to him and his friend ,and asked him why did he let his hair griw that much ,his friend answered its because of her (didnt say any name ) the other started laughing ,and the friend continued joking saying that all what was attractive about my crush is his hair ,it was kinda hard but i acted as normal as i could laughing too,my crush then said dont believe him there is nothing .does he like someone ? Or is with someone? And i was sitting next to them ,my crush answered the professor s question ,and his ex turned sitting far away turned towards us we all saw her cuz ,then his friend said she noticed you and you noticed her,that stinged a lot:( then my crush started joking by twisting the words (maybe out of respect for my unrequitted feelings ). Same morning i teased my crush and ended up taking his hat giving it back the afternoon wich made his friends go like ooooooh what the hell just happened ??u never give ur stuff to anyone!!
so any ideas ?

Please try to read it , its been 2years that i like this guy


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  • From what I could tell here, dear, the writing on the wall spells that he really doesn't have anyone he is really Into, no Steady Betty and even with an "EX" who is apparently Still an "EX" and yes, she could still Mark an X in his own softie spot, right now, it appears he is having some fun, joking around And----It's nothing.
    Keep it lite and semi sweet and don't wear your heart on your sleeve. 'Out of the blue' he may have come around so just play it col and don't over think anything, he is just having fun for now.
    Good luck. xx

    • i guess ill have fun too

    • Good for you... enjoy, your are a free agent.:)) xxoo

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