Will he drop me because I'm a virgin?

hello! so i have a bit of a problem. this boy and i have been talking for a good long while. I dont know why but he actually really likes me and I've actually been kind of scared to date again (got hurt pretty bad last time) so I've kind of rejected him a bit, given him the bad cold shoulder, been hard on him, even rude etc. However he kept pursuing and pursuing no matter how many times i rejected him and eventually I've learned that i actually kind of like him. He asked me to prom and said hed like to date me one day, that im perfect (very sweet) really sweet, beautiful, he's like shocked by how amazing i am (kind of shocked on that one) etc. We actually got on the topic of sex today and he said he wasn't a virgin because of his past girlfriend, but I am. I think he thinks i wasn't a virgin by something, but I am beecause my first boyfriend i was too young personally to do that and then my other one i was moving and didn't want to do that. Im kind of scared to tell him, will he drop me because of this. Do guys not dig virgins? Any advice will help thank you so much! :)


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  • No guys like virgins lol! Don't worry he'll dig it!


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