Do opposites really attract?

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If two people were absurdly different personality wise but were very open minded and communicative, do you think it'd be possible for them to nurture a relationship together?

I'm a very sheltered woman who was brought up in a strict, traditional family. I've never been to a club or bar, I've never done drugs, and I don't embark on casual sex with random people. I have literally no sexual or dating experience whatsoever. I have a few friends but I'm the loyal type who tends to care a lot about the people I do have. Some find me clingy or overbearing, as a result. But, growing up, I wasn't allowed to interact with people in social settings... so I have trouble figuring out how to react sometimes... I'm an introvert.

The guy I like right now is very different from me. He's very kind, an overall gentleman. But he's extroverted, and highly experienced. He's done everything from casual sex abroad in different countries to threesomes with his buddies. He does weed once in a blue moon, and he's really big into the night life (clubbing, bars, etc). He also loooves alcohol.

I feel like I'm boring him because I don't drink alcohol, do weed, go to bars/clubs. To me, hanging out at the mall and just talking could be fun... but he always wants something more extravagent (for lack of a better word). I like talking to him and being around him, but I'm not sure if he feels the same. I don't know how to relate to him. I don't know where to go out with him; somewhere we both can be comfortable/excited.

Have you experienced something like this?
Do you think this would work?
I'd like to hear stories from people in a similar predicament.


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  • Yes it happens sometimes opposites do attract, sometimes what a person needs is not someone like them but someone different from them to bring out the qualities they lack and for you to do the same for them.


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  • Yes, but not for long.


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  • for some, definitely. others need to complement each other. it depends on the personalities of both people:)
    my parents are opposites and theyv been together almost 25 years now =]

  • I am basically you.
    I would like to think that he would find the innocence attractive and maybe it can work out. Depending on your feelings about a possible SO doing drugs, drinking, and partying. I, personally, don't think I could be with someone so into that life because I hate that kind of life. I'd rather be having a milkshake at some diner with an SO. At the end of the day, Its about his preference and yours.