Does he like me?

Okay there's this guy, that I have classes with. Where both 16, I didn't notice him until two other boys in mine n my crushes math class started to teas him about me, I asked him the next class we had together what it was About, he said they think I like u. After that we clicked, we would okay fight with each other, he would want me to sit by him in math or work with him in bio, I would catch him staring at me a lot n kids at our resource catch him staring at me as well. He teases me a lot as well, notices the littles things as well. Another thing is he would do stupid things to me like hit my hand when I'm not paying attention or throw paper at me and stuff like that as well, he once came up to me n said " hey what up buttercup" n i said hi back, he was leaning over me when he said this as well, he then got yelled at n told to go back to his lab station, he then snuck back over without me noticing me n was leaning over me again I moved my head n accidentally hit his chest, I put my hand on his shoulder n said sorry. Another thing is he wanted me to go to the library with him n he didn't want to sit at the table he wanted to sit in the chairs next to Each other, he was playing on the laptop the hole time n then suddenly we were talking n he put his arm over the back of my chair, left it there for couple of minutes then took it back to play on the laptop, another thing I noticed is when he's with his group of friends and I'm by them they will look at me than look at him than he looks at me or they will all look at me including him. I don't know what to do about it him because I obviously really like him n everyone thinks he likes me but he's just scarred. But a friend did ask him n he said no, but why does he still do the things he does to me than? Does he like me or no?


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  • Either he's playing tough guy or he's a player. Iv had similar situations with a player who wasn't into me at all. He would flirt. Mess with my hands when we were watching a movie in a gentle way, ask me to go mountain biking with him and stuff blah blah blah and he never had the slightest interest in me. So what I'd say is just flirt. If he asks you out congrats if he doesn't then don't be hurt. But everything will work out I promis