Does this childhood friend like me, or am I only a friend?

There's a guy that lives on the opposite side of the world who i message with every day. We always and easily talk for hours without realizing how much time has passed. I knew this guy since we were small kids, but his family moved to the other side of the world. We lost contact immediately (we were too young for email etc, and didn't get the full scope of how big the world is) for about 9 years but through a mutual friend regained contact. We have been talking every day for about 3 months. I had a huge crush on this guy when we were still living in the same country, and now i have a huge crush on him again. We are going to the same country for university (coincidence) so we already have a lot of plans to meet up. I thought that he liked me cause he goes out of his way to be home as early as he can from school to talk to me, always has a grin on his face during the occasional Skype call, and gives me compliments. He told me a month or so ago that he had a girl that he was in love with (not me, he gave me a vague description) and wanted my advice on how to "get her". I was honest and said that I had no idea, and gave him the advice to talk to her more often then. I decided to spill the beans and tell him that i like him and had a crush on him in the past too, and he said that after we have talked so long, he feels that sometimes he feels the same way, after we talk for a really long time. He didn't mention the other girl afterwards and has been more open to me. Love and relationships haven't sprung up in our convos anymore.


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  • I think he basically means you? :)
    Even without saying you guys seems like a more-than-friend type to me.
    Not yet a couple but in-between.
    (Sorry, I consider confessing and become official as couple. So before every one of you confess and get together I'd say you're not yet a couple :) Hope I don't confuse you too much)
    It feels like a mutual childhood crush. When you have your first crush you cling onto it dearly. Mutual? All the more reason.
    In conclusion, I think you guys can develop the relationship. :)

  • He really isn't sure about his feelings about you

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