Girls, how and where do I ask her out?

Hello, I am 13 years old. This girl and I (let's call her A) have been friends since the start of the school year. She's in 6th grade and I'm in 7th. She's given enough hints that I think she wants me to ask her out. She touches me a lot and once said that she wanted a boyfriend. We only meet and talk at the buses, everyday for about 5 minutes until I have to get off.

That gave me a question: where do I ask her out? I've seen in many videos/sites that asking out in front of public/friends will make her feel pressured and higher chances of rejection. Do I ask her to step away from everyone else and ask her or what do I do? Where do I ask her out?

Also, I'm a little bit of a shy guy. But I know to ask confidently.


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  • do what you said. ask her to step away.

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