Boyfriend's grandmom died

last night my boyfriends grandmom which is like his mom because she raised him died of cancer she was struggling for a few months but didn't make it.

i personally never knew her

we were talking online then he goes she passed..

and I go oh my gosh sorry to hear that and soo on

he signed off so I decided to text him a long paragraph saying how I'm here for him blah but nothing which I completely understand it f***ing kills me seeing help like this what do I do?

text him again so he knows I'm here or let him look for me

we have been dating 4 months..


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  • wait for him...he needs time. You have said what he needs to hear and leave it at that. I would however offer to bring him some food. That always helps. Make him a soup or some dish that keeps well in the fridge (so he can reheat when HE's ready).

    • One problem is I can't leave my house I have swine and feel like I'm going to die