Why is it so scary to make moves & have conversations with the lovely ladies?

I asked this because I want to know on how to be the guy that some ladies would find me as a good & attractive person. I've had lots of crushes & best friend who were girls that I've found attractive but the thing was that I always chickened out when I was trying to think of ways for me to compliment them without freaking out from the total hotness. To be for real I just don't have the right words to speak out because my heart beats hard when It comes to that scene of shyness & misfortune. So people, what do you think about this?


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  • Its hard to make the so called "moves" because A.) girl will straight out give you an attitude and say no, making you look like a complete idiot. Even though you were confident to begin with. B.) Your nervous but you still had the pair to go up to that special girl even if the right words dont come out of your mouth, so... girl thinks your not trying hard enough and is loosing interest intantly. And well C.) you could look like a complete fool, but somehow someway the girl claims she's interested but only to be playing around with you by either giving you a fake number, or... just taking your niceness for granted specially if your an easy target. In other words my friend even if you knew how, where, who, why and when to talk to girls and how to do it, things are not always what they seem to be. Girls are trouble, not all, but thats the scarier thing because you dont know which ones have good intentions even if they are interested in you... or not.

    • Thanks for telling me this. You are completely right about most girls being trouble & just to use mind games just to make the nice guys feel excited. I hate when that happens & at the same time they expect the nice guys to do what they want them to do only just for them to be happy & use this as a secret weapon.

    • Dont get me wrong, not all girls are like that, but some if not most will definetly take you for granted. Its just that us guys get hypnotized to quickly but hey what can i say were guys right? Its hard but dont stop trying, just be very more cautious so to speak.

    • Thanks. I just have to be careful with which females that I would try to talk to. Sometimes I just can't which of them are good & evil because I'm not good with the approaching & flirting scenerio. Yes, most guys do get hypnotized & caught up by their beauty that made us miss site on knowing who is the rightful girls to be with & walking away from the bad chicks. Thanks for the help.

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  • Because some people assume that the more attractive a girl is, the better a person she is.

    • Yeah some people fall for this most of the time, because even if a person looks good does not mean that they are nice. I guess good looking people can just be people who are nice to other good looking people & act like a total sucker & punk to normal people. I've though of this a lot & knew that lots of people who are not attracted to normal people will only use them for what they have but still hate their looks. Thanks for the advice.