Should I text him?

We had a long on and off thing. Recently he saw me on a network site and messaged me. I was the one who had stopped talking to him. He messaged me a few days in a row since and we discussed meeting up this upcoming week. I told him yesterday that I'm going away with friends and am coming back late tonight or tomorrow. He said have fun. Should I text him tomorrow or see if he messaged me? I want to see if he makes an effort on his own and don't want to appear desperate.


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  • This might just be me and I'm older now, but generally if a woman doesn't seem to show interest by at least messaging me first once in a while, I move on. Life is too short to figure out if a woman is interested but playing hard-to-get, if she's interested but scared to show it, or she is just flat-out not interested and wants us to stop before she calls other men to beat us up because we keep harassing her. That's not a joke or meant to be sarcastic - that's seriously what we gamble with when it comes to the possible outcomes when trying to talk with women.

    As men we are so confused by women and how they work since they can change on the drop of a hat; the last thing we'll think of is how desperate you are.

  • The question is are you interested in him? If so, then show it, if not then don't just leave him hanging. The on and off thing is showing a stall, however he is making an effort to get your attention, so are you willing?


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