Why does my friend still date men if she said she had a crush on me?

She told me she had a crush on me, and I said nothing back because I wanted to think about how I felt.. I've always identified as straight, so even though I do feel the same way it was a shock. Now she's dating this guy and she says they're getting really serious..

thoughts on the situation?


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  • She might be bisexual

    • I agree.. But does she actually like me?

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    • So she's just looking to experiment and found the most willing person basically?

    • Well you are her friend so she is assuming you would be the most willing.

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  • She's bi. She likes you. She likes this guy she's dating. Seems pretty straight forward.


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  • It seems she found someone who took her mind off of you, at least for now here, dear Because------They're getting really serious.
    It could be she was in a point in her own life when she may have Thought she needed you, had this 'Crush on me,' and you were there to be her shoulder to lean on and someone whom she felt she may have Thought she wanted to truly be with.
    Now that some guy has come along and is singing her a song, she is realizing she may may have been mistaken and is leaving you out in the cold.
    Move on. For whatever happened to change her heart, who knows... maybe she will realize she is someone who can take both sides or just remain the way she has always been.
    Good luck. xx

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