Of jealousy and maturity?

so i was debating with some of my coworkers about jealousy and pretty much we were split
team 1 says that you must be mature to be in a relationship and that if you haven't felt jealousy in a relationship you just haven't found someone that your care enough for.

team 2 says that if anything it takes maturity and trust to be able to not be jealous while in a relationship.

so my question to you is what team's side are you on and who's right?

  • team 1 jealousy = mature relationship and caring
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  • team 2 lack of jealousy = individual maturity and trust.
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  • I've no clue/ see results
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  • none of the above
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  • No, being jealous is immature.


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  • Jealousy is insane.

  • Team 2 beats it here.

    • thank you i didn't say who's team i was on just to keep it fair but i was on team 2 :).

  • I don't think that jealousy=maturity, but I think that it could show that you care for someone (although you don't have to have jealousy to show you care). As long as it's not extreme jealousy it shouldn't be a problem. In the relationships that I've had strong feelings for the guy, I have had slight jealousy when they for example are talking to a really attractive girl. That doesn't mean that I don't trust him, I just get a feeling of gr I don't like her (even though I'm not going to say anything and acknowledge that she could be a nice person). Just because someone is jealous doesn't mean that they are distrustful, immature, or crazy. It could, for some people, show that they love the person they're with.


What Guys Said 1

  • Actually both teams are wrong and right. Jealousy in a relationship is a red flag that something is wrong. Guys, but especially women, can sense when something is wrong. For guys it's a sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach. Jealousy acts as a best friend tapping your arm, whispering softly into your ear to be watchful.

    Jealousy becomes unhealthy when it is used the wrong way. Instead of using the perked senses to discover the truth, most people use it irrationally to blame the significant other of imaginary liaisons. In the extreme, jealousy becomes dangerous when anger and fear are added to the mix.

    Jealousy is just another tool in the repertoire of self defense in the game of love. Use it wisely when it comes visiting your heart, lest your emotions cloud and ruin the love you have with him or her.