Guys, i've been single for way too long, how do I get guys to like me?

I feel like guys don't notice me and thats the reason I've been single for so long. I'd be walking with my friends and they would all get hit on and complimented and I'd get nothing...
Am I the problem or is it the guys? Am I unattractive? How do I fix this? How do I get a boyfriend?


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  • You should flirt with guys and you can even ask guys out yourself. Many guys simply love it when the girl asks him out.

    • I tried, everytime it just ends up with me and the guy not talking to each other... like

      I should move to where you live so I can ask out the guys there.

    • Most men I know here are very open to women approaching them and starting a conversation and are easy to talk to. Tell me what are you doing to flirt with men? If you want to private message me you can.