Should I breakup with him?

I've been in a long distance relationship for two months. On our one month anniversary he was "busy" and couldn't talk. He didn't say Happy Anniversary or I love you, just "Can't talk today. I will tomorrow". I felt kind of uneasy because he said he was going to talk with his ex the day before.
On our Two month anniversary he did say Happy Anniversary. I really wanted to talk to him but once again, he was busy. This was four days ago.
Last night I was texting him goodnight and he blew up. He got angry and told me to leave him alone. I said "I'm srry." He replied with "I'm a busy guy. I need to do my hw" "Alright. Ttyl?" I sent. "Whatever. >:(" Was his last message. I didn't respond because I felt hurt.
I'm not clingy and I don't check in on him after every minute. I try my best to make this relationship work. That wasn't our first argument either. He starts them and blames me. Afterwards he gets upset and makes it seem like the whole thing was my fault. But maybe I'm trying to hard. Maybe I should end it. I don't know.
What do you guys think?

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  • I would. I've been in a long distance relationship for almost a year now and my girlfriend doesn't always have time to talk; there are times when she goes like four or five days without talking to me but she always comes around and so we're still going strong. We've never had an argument before. But your boyfriend? What he's doing is messed up. Your boyfriend may be busy, and, honestly, we all are, but that gives him no right to pin his anger down on you like that. Don't worry, girl. There are tons of other fish in the sea who, instead of fighting WITH you, would rather fight FOR you! (:

    • Thank you! This makes me feel a lot better. I hope you and your gf stay together for a long time. Thanks again!!!

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  • im in LDR too she do this all the time but not i mean she is busy 27 / 7 busy or sleeping or tired however we have this relationship since 2012 i love her so what i do is go online and have fun til she come bk p. s its just for fun what i do with others no feelings at all , its not the right thing but who cares about right or wrong when u can't be with the one who u love the most cuz of job or study this is so fucking annoying , so no one have the right to judge. anyway im waiting til we get to live togther at least in the same country then everything gonna be better.

  • If he's so busy with homework he'll have more time to do it if you break up with him. And really, you don't need the extra stress. It may be a long distance relationship, but it seems like he either doesn't have the time or the desire to actually be present in the relationship.

    Also... one month anniversary?

  • You don't deserve that. He sounds like a prick. Leave him


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  • He seems like a jerk