How to get any girl or any guy?

Im going to show you how any guy get any girl. i used to be very clingy to girls, i thought. i would talk once or twice a week. set up date but things not work out. so i was basicly going to stop with girlsand focus on career but i had a insight. more is more!

i decided i would step up my efforts and rally show girl i like her. here is ex.

went out on a date with a girl and things went great. we ended up having close to sex. we didn't intangel our genitals but we were very close. excuse me English is not my first languge.

on our second date she met my parents and we ended up going out to dinner with them. my call not hers i suprised her with that. 2 weeks went buy. we talked everyday. i send her maybe 200 texts a day and she liked it. i always ask her wher she goin who she with how long she will be doing it. basicly being very protective of girls and they like tat.

at this point i realise girl like to feel protetectd. so i went for the home run. when she was out with her girlfriends i showed up to her house and sprinkled hundreds of rose peddels all over her lawn and steps. she loved it i think. her friends were laughing nervously. like they wanted it to be them. she sent me home to "think" about things and now i am writing this. bye


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  • Are you asking a question or telling us you have a gf?

    • its my take on how get girl

    • okay, we'll post it in a 'my take' because this isn't a question.

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  • Excuse me but this isn't a question at all, It's more venting that you have a girlfriend...